Green Cheek Conure Sounds

Green Cheek Conure Sounds or noises are a sight to, hear. My husband and I often joke that our green cheek sounds like 200 different birds, depending on the mood she is in. These colorful little green cheek conures are often said to have the personality of big parrot species in a small package. 

One thing is for sure: they sure make the racket of a big parrot species, though thankfully not quite as loud! 

Green Cheek Noise Level Versus Other Birds

For instance, you could probably hear a sun conure, a Macaw, or especially a Cockatoo screaming up the block from inside your house. That's loud! I feel blessed that our green cheek conure makes cute sounds and chirps, without bothering the neighbors like a sun conure or macaw.

Here are some of the green cheek conure sounds, and what these sounds mean:

The Duck Sound

Often heard as a low "quack" "quack" sound coming from your green cheeked parakeet. This sound may also sound like a low grunt instead of a quack noise. Your green cheek conure or parakeet makes this sound when they are under mild distress. This is mostly a "oh I don't like this situation" noise, but not quite fear.

The Bald Eagle Sound

This special sound that green cheek conures make is a Bald Eagle! They emit a high pitched chirp, but this high pitched chirp is slightly lower than a whistle. This green cheek conure call can mean an aggressive bird, a territorial bird, or a bird that is in distress.

If your conure has their neck extended with extended feathers, especially when they're strutting and making this noise, watch out. Strutting, neck extention and puffy feathers (with the bald eagle noise) mean that they're getting aggressive or territorial. Put them in their cage to discourage this sound, or if already in their cage, ignore them.

Loud Screams (Fear Noise)

If your green cheek conure is in extreme distress or pain, they will scream for their life. This fear noise is, hopefully, a noise most green cheek owners never have to hear. I, as a green cheek owner, have heard it when I pulled out the tide bottle to do laundry - apparently that bright red bottle is the scariest thing in the world.

If your green cheek conure makes this sound out of fear, you will know it, because they will be flapping around the room.

Loud Screams (Boredom Noise)

Green cheek sound come in abundance when your bird is bored. Your green cheek counure will make sounds like a raspy screaming when she is bored. Take her out of the cage and play with her! Your green cheek conure needs periodic stimulation and play.

Two To Four Whistles Close Together

If your green cheek conure make sounds when you leave the room - congratulations! Your green cheek conure loves you. These birds are flock animals, so they want to be with their owner as much as possible. If you hear whistling when you leave the room, it means your green cheek conure is concerned about you, and wants to know you're alright, even if he can't see you.

Whistle back! Your green cheek conure will be delighted you're answering his call. In fact, make it into training for a talking green cheek conure. Yes, you can get your green cheek talking in this way. Whenever my green cheek conure would call me, I would answer back with a "pretty birdy" or "pretty bird." My green cheek conure now talks and says several phrases, instead of a whistle call.

Various Chirps

Chirping noises and sounds mean everything in between. They could mean anything from "good morning, I'm happy to see you," to "oh gosh, I'm scared" or "huh, what the heck is this?" Small chirp sounds can also mean a playful, and happy bird.

Every green cheek conure is different, but these are some of the menagerie of sounds you will hear as a green cheek conure owner. Recognizing these green cheek conure sounds can mean the key to a happy and healthy bird, and a less frustrated green cheek conure owner.

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  1. i luv mt little conures voice. His name is Minty and he luvs to dance and talk to the wild birds

  2. Hey anon your green cheek minty sounds adorable! :D I have a quick Q for the blog owner tho. Have your conures ever "lost" their voice? My conure, kermit, just did. I don't know if a seed is stuck in his throat or what. But he's quiet now like he can't talk at all. Help please? :(

  3. My Green Cheek Toby makes the quaking noise constantly literally all the time especially when I take him out of the cage.

  4. my eight month green cheek Baylor makes quacking noise in my ear what does that mean please

    1. Hi - quacking noises mean your green cheek conure is scared or nervous about something. Quacking is an "ooh I don't know, I don't really like this situation" noise. Is there anything in your home environment that might be scaring him?

  5. Thank you for this very helpful info!!

  6. Whenever my green cheek hears my parents voices he starts screaming for attention. He's fine when we take him out and stay in his sight. But if we're in the next room talking he will start screaming again. How do I fix his behavior?


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