Green Cheek Conure Sleep Habits

Green cheek conures sleep much like any bird - with their head under their wing. In this head under wing position, with eyes half closed, they look adorable. Couple this with nighttime beak grinding showing they're sleepy and content, who could resist snuggling these little green birds.

How much sleep does a green cheek conure need?

A green cheek conure requires between 10-12 hours. That's 9PM-7AM or from 9PM-9AM. Make your bird a dark and quiet space to sleep. A healthy bird needs a dark, quiet, uninterrupted sleep space or nest box.

10-12 hours of darkness an issue? That's okay. Cover the conure's cage with a blanket or towel. Covering with a towel or blanket blocks light and noise that otherwise wakes your bird up.

How do Green Cheek Conures sleep?

Green cheek conures sleep with their head tucked under their wing. They can sleep in a nesting box or on a perch, but prefer to hang from the bars of their cage while sleeping. 

They normally hang from the top right or top left corner of their cage. Hanging in a cage corner from bars while you sleep doesn't look comfortable to us, but it's a natural sleep instinct for green cheeks to be ready for predator attacks.

Can my Green Cheek Conure Sleep With Me?

It might seem cute to let a conure snuggle up in your hair and go to sleep with you. But  sleeping with your bird is a bad idea. We forget how fragile conures are - they bounce into a window, and fly off without a scratch. 

But green cheek conures are fragile birds who could be crushed by sleeping when you roll over. Let your green cheek sleep in their own cage for safety.

Too Little Sleep

Too little sleep for your green cheek is unhealthy. A quantity of owners have a difficulty where their green cheek conure won't fall asleep. If he won't hit the sack - fear not. A bird's internal clock goes to sleep when night time falls. Simply place the conure, when he won't slumber, within darkness and also a calm position, and he'll end up resting immediately. Ensure that it is peaceful - green cheek conures won't slumber in case the TV, ac unit, or chatter is actually quite loud - they'll scream rather! So, silent please!

A Lot Of Sleep

Sleeping an over-abundance could warrant a trip in direction of the bird doctor. Birds who sleep a lot more regularly than normal, that happen to be puffed up, not even consuming, or perhaps staying along at the bottom of their own cage want veterinary interest. Sleeping way too much happens to be a mark associated with a sick birdie.

Do Not Disturb!

Even more versus a healthy diet, way more as compared to out of coop time, green cheek conures require 10-12 hours of sleep for fair wellness, absolutely no exceptions! We found that out unfortunately a couple of weeks ago.

Our five year old was taking the sleepy green cheek conure, twiggy, from his coop when he was meant to be sleeping.They were mutually supposed to be sleeping, honestly. She thought it can make him happier to play. Well, he soon began getting strain bars on his feathers, and also had started to pluck his chest bald. We were worried sick up until we realized exactly what was occurring!

Once he soon began receiving his 10-12 hours of rest once again, the plucking and the strain bars were eliminated. So as a heads up, constantly ensure the green cheek conure's rest habits are steady and undisturbed.

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  1. My sister told me that if you keep a bird up at night (don't let it sleep) it starts getting black feathers. A black feathered mutation sounds sort of cool actually. Should I start keeping my green cheek conure up at night? Would this affect his health at all?

    1. The black feathering is not a mutation, but from stress. It's also an indication of how unhealthy they are

  2. No let your green cheek conure sleep during the night 10-12 hours. They need their rest just as humans do. Set your bird on a regular sleeping pattern the same time every night. You may find it would be less stressful for your bird when it receives its right amount of sleep each nite. It is not healthy for the bird to disturb it's sleeping time.

  3. My cinnamon green cheek conure has just started to tap the side of his cage at night. It wakes me up and is really annoying. I don't know what to do. He's not wiping his beak because that sounds different. Should I cover his cage or what? I turn off the lights at the same time nearly every night.

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  5. I'm having trouble keeping my green cheek asleep once I put her to bed. With the tv off and her cage covered up every time I get up to use the bathroom or go to the kitchen she wakes up and starts screeching loudly. How can I help her stay asleep and get her full nights rest? Any help will be appreciated.

  6. i am going to a very important business another country but there is a bird disease there so i can't bring my counre,and not much people can look after birds well where i live.plz help me!


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